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Cordeiro compound | Main house.

Among the residents of the Cordeiro compound¹ is the artist Joan Pereira (b 1927), formerly of 22 Mechanic Street. As a young woman, she studied on a scholarship at the Albany Institute of History and Art. She visited Provincetown to seek out well-known artists, and — in the bargain — met Antone Pereira Jr., whom she would marry. By her account, Pereira studied at one time or another with Edwin Dickinson, Jim Forsberg, Henry Hensche, Philip Malicoat, Bruce McKain, Fritz Pfeiffer, and Myron Stout. Her work includes brilliantly colored still lifes, landscapes, and townscapes.

¶ Last updated on 1 January 2017.

¹ I am not certain in which building she lives.

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