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Cordeiro compound | Cottage.

Kristen Becker (b 1976) is one of the best known of the town’s sharp and gifted sharp comedians. It’s possible to catch her even if you don’t go to the Post Office Cabaret, however, since she is also a taxi driver. “A cab ride with Becker might also be a mini-stand-up show,” Steve Desroches wrote in Provincetown Magazine in October 2014, “proving that everything in Provincetown is full of a little flair and surprise. But it’s just a teaser as to what she does on stage. Any interaction with Becker might be a test run of new material. Not a traditional comedy writer, Becker pays attention to what makes people laugh on a daily basis, jots down a few bullet points, and then tries it on stage either here in town, when she’s touring colleges and universities, or at open mic nights.” She shares this cottage with Zoe Babe, a lawyer and member of the Water and Sewer Board.

¶ Last updated on 1 January 2017.


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