Alden 100Seashore Point.

The official name for this “concierge condominium” complex is Seashore Point. But you’ll often hear it called the Manor — “She’s up at the Manor these days, God love her” — since it supplanted and eventually replaced the Cape End Manor, a municipal nursing home that was built on this site in 1980 to replace the facility at 26 Alden. In 2006, management of the Manor was transferred from the town to Deaconess Abundant Life Communities and ground was broken on the first 43 units of Seashore Point, designed by EGA Architects. The first residents, Dr. Richard and Barbara Keating of Truro, arrived in 2008. The final 38 units of the project, developed by Kenneth C. Weiss, were completed in 2014.

¶ Last updated on 2 July 2014.

100 Alden Street on the Town Map.

Thumbnail image: Photo, 2011, by David W. Dunlap.

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