Bradford 116.jpg

(October 2013.)

116 Bradford Condominium | Former Burch House.

As its name suggests, the Burch House, circa 1840-1850, was home to the Burch family for many years. It was owned by J. M. Burch in the early 20th century and occupied by Huldah Theodora (Anderson) Burch until her death in 1959. Her only child, Jean Nichols, conveyed the property in 1962 to Herbert Cronin. As the purposefully modest 17-room Burch House, it stressed its inexpensive, informal nature, and was a popular guest house among gay visitors. It is also an especially fine example of the Greek Revival style, with a front facade of flushboard siding intended to evoke the smooth surface of a temple front. James Savko of Winter Park, Fla., converted it into a three-unit condo in 2015. — Expanded from Building Provincetown (2015).

Leonard Paoletti wrote on 17 March 2014: Herbie’s lover was named Dana.

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