Atwood 12

(September 2012)

It is hard to imagine the sorrows of this house, a Long Point floater at its heart, in the mid-20th century. November 1941 saw the death of Richard E. Meads, the 14-year-old son of Jesse and Mary Roza Meads. Their 17-year-old daughter, Lorraine Mary Meads, died in May 1950. Only their daughter Marguerite Shirley (Meads) Schenkelberger (b ±1937) survived. Jesse Meads (d 1965) was a Provincetown native, the son of Manuel and Mary (Taves) Meads. He served in the Navy in World War I and bought this property in 1930, from which he conducted a heating and plumbing contracting business. Schenkelberger sold the property in 1985 to Elizabeth Hynes and Elizabeth Malloy, of Boxford, Mass. Hynes created a condominium in 2014. The rear building on the parcel (pictured) is owned by Jerry R. Ecklund and his husband, Andrew Colbert, of Pine Meadow, Conn.

¶ Last updated on 6 June 2016.


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