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Monument House Condominium.

Bryant House, as this property was known for many years, was opened by Mary Ann (MacKenzie) Bryant of Nova Scotia in 1914. At first it was a restaurant specializing in seafood, roasts, chops, and steaks. Her daughter-in-law, Marie-Louise (Kopp) Bryant, expanded it into a guest house, which she ran until 1949. Marie-Louise’s son, George Bryant, was an architectural historian and legendary local iconoclast. This was l’Hotel Hibou in the 1970s; Eddie’s Pastry Shop, run by Eddie Moran, in the ’90s; and, more recently, the Monument Barbershop, established in 2007 by Joseph M. “Joey” Casto. Having been converted into a condo in 1999 by J. Anton Schiffenhaus, it’s now the summer home of Alan Cancelino and Scott Perry of New York.

¶ Last updated on 8 April 2019.

Leonard Paoletti wrote on 17 March 2014: The Bryants also owned the building up the lane. In the 1970s, they sold this back building to Gene Greene, who opened a restaurant there that was named Gene Greene’s Terrace but was generally referred to as the Terrace [133 Bradford Street]. Gene was the lover of Al Stilson, who owned and ran the Ranch, a guest house at 198 Commercial Street.

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