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It’s Hubert’s.

It’s Hubert’s was, indeed, Hubert’s — Hubert Summers, in point of fact. Summers and his wife, Laura, opened their restaurant and soda fountain in 1950 in a building that was then serving as Provincetown’s bus terminal, which may explain the restaurant’s otherwise seemingly overblown motto: “Where the Cape Meets the World.” The Advocate praised the construction on 25 May 1950, saying that “everything that has gone into the place is of the finest.” The restaurant seems to have operated at least into the mid-’50s. It’s unclear whether Hubert’s was a remodeled version of the Dunlap house, a structural forerunner of the gas station, or an entirely different building; so it’s being treated separately for the time being.

¶ Last updated on 21 August 2016. ¶ Image courtesy of the Provincetown Public Library. (The Provincetown Advocate, 10 May 1951, Page 5.)

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