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The front porch of 14 Brewster Street, a detail of which is shown, is among the best in town. The tapered columns and segmental arches are especially noteworthy. In 2004, Steven T. Nicks, Frederick J. Latasa, Bradford West, and Timothy P. Misuradze bought the property. They renovated it the next year. West and Misuradze sold their share nine years later to the other couple, who by then were known formally as Steven Latasa-Nicks and Frederick Latasa-Nicks. They are the proprietors of the restaurant Strangers & Saints, established in 2016 at 404 Commercial Street, formerly the home of Dalla Cucina, Bistro 404, Chester, the Landmark Inn and Southern Mansion restaurants. John Dowd created a mural for the new space, according to Ptownie.

¶ Last updated on 2 January 2017.


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