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(April 2014.)

Safe Harbor Condominium.

An ample farmhouse from the early 20th century still stands, and still commands a proprietor’s prospect over what was once dairy land. The main building of the Safe Harbor condominium at No. 147 was the home of Joseph Alves and Irene (Raymond) Alves, who ran Galeforce, the town’s last commercial dairy farm. Their son Raymond Alves sold the property in 1990 to his brother-in-law, Allen Gallant, who created the condo in 2004. Gallant’s husband, David A. Cox, is a pioneer in chronicling Provincetown from a drone’s-eye view. — From Building Provincetown (2015).

The property includes a Lilliputian cottage, close to the road. Gallant is a collector of Galeforciana, including the milk bottle pictured here.

Allen Gallant wrote on 22 January 2013: The main house behind the cottage is the original Galeforce farm home, built by Joe Alves at the turn of the century and purchased from his son Raymond in 1990 by Allen Gallant. He still resides in the main house.

Wendy Wilson Hankins wrote on 4 November 2013: I lived in that little cottage with my mother and my sister, when I was very young. My mother’s brother, Harris, rented the barn from Joe Alves, and had farm animals. He also farmed part of the fields in the back for food. We left there and moved to the family homestead on Pleasant Street around 1954.

Allen Gallant wrote on 17 February 2014: I  met with brother-in-law Raymond Alves in his rehab hospital yesterday in New Hampshire. The only little tidbit that he added was about the pear tree on the front lawn. It seems that his father also had pigs across the way in the “pig sty” beside the cow barn with the Holstein cows. They picked up the garbage from restaurants for the pigs. A volunteer seed sprouted and a pear tree grew out of the pig sty. Ray was in his teens (he thinks) and dug it up and carried it on his back and transplanted it to the front lawn and 60-plus years later, I give away bags and bags of pears to locals every fall.

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