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Far Land Provisions | Marketplace Condominium.

Far Land Provisions opened in 2004; its name combining those of Jim Farley and Tom Boland, who was then chairman of the Historic District Commission. Cozy, aromatic, and temptingly cluttered, it is a beacon of life in winter months. The building, constructed in 1952, has long played that role, as the L & A Supermarket (that would be Leo and Arlene Morris); Nelson’s Market, founded in 1933 at 349 Commercial and run by Clarence and Mabel Nelson; McNulty’s Market, Timothy and Pam McNulty; and Bradford’s, Brad McDermott and Charles Pagliuca. As Nelson’s, the store provisioned much of the fishing fleet, delivering directly to the wharf. Its phone number, 45, is preserved as the root of Far Land’s (508) 487-0045.

The condo, established by Timothy McNulty in 1999, includes a parking lot across Johnson Street from the market.

Far Land occupies the site of what was the eastern half of a large salt works in the mid-18th century. The western half was closer to 21 Center Street.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).

Denise Avallon wrote on 19 December 2012: In 1949, Clarence Nelson tore down the house that used to be here. The present building was completed and opened for business in April of 1950. (Advocate, 17 November 1949, 29 December 1949 and 20 April 1950.) The house that used to be here was the Delia Mills house, which was taken by the town in its building of the new Town Hall. That house was between the old Ryder homestead and the Congregational Church. “The Delia Mill’s house has been moved to the vacant lot on Bradford, at the head of Johnson street.” (Barnstable Patriot, 1 and 8 June 1886.)

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