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A board-and-batten Gothic Revival-style compound, remarkable occupants, and a view over Lovett’s Court make this an important landmark. It was built around 1850 by Capt. Caleb Cook, who made watch lubricant in the corner building. E. Ambrose Webster acquired it in 1900. His painting school was at 463 Commercial, but his own studio was here. His widow, Georgianna (Rodgers) Webster, leased it to Gordon Hamm. The property passed to her nephew, Karl Rodgers Sr., whose daughter, Delorma (Rodgers) Morton, owned it until 2008. They rented part of the property to the sculptor William Boogar Jr. and his wife, Alice; and to the artists Bert Yarborough and Paul Bowen. It is now owned by James Bakker, the president of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015). ¶ Image by and courtesy of James Bakker.

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