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Mariner’s Trace Condominium.

Very aptly named, as this was the home in the late 19th century of Capt. Oren A. Cobb (1841-1918). “He commanded schooners Greyhound, Exchange, and Teresa D. Baker at fishing work summers and at oyster freighting winters in turn,” The Advocate said at the time of his death, “and through a somewhat lengthy term of years, then purchased and sailed the large schooner Ada Doane coasting and fruiting, following with part-owenrship and captaincy of the schooner William H. Walker, in which vessel he transported many cargoes of oysters (seed and otherwise) between Virginia and New England ports.” The house was subsequently owned, for about 20 years, by Ann Lee (Worden) French (d 1939), the wife of Harry Livingston French, a prominent and prolific architect in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. The property was turned into a two-unit condo by Karen R. DePalma in 2015.

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