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The porch as proscenium arch. This handsome, low-slung, bungalow-style home was built in 1920 in what was a little compound of the DeRiggs family. Joseph G. DeRiggs, whose parents had come from Fayal, Azores, founded the DeRiggs Ice Company in 1897 and ran the business from 194 Bradford next door. The ice itself was stored down at Pilgrim Lake (then called East Harbor). Customers would obtain their ice in prepaid quantities from 10 to 100 pounds. His son Charles J. DeRiggs (b 1895), who succeeded him in the business, lived here. As Charadel — seemingly a contraction of Charles and Delphine (b ±1895) — this house also took in summer visitors.

¶ Last updated 13 May 2011.


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