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(April 2011.)

Former Mary Spaghetti’s.

From the 1940s through the 1960s, this shack was Mary’s Snack Bar — better known as Mary Spaghetti’s — run by Mary Souza. Open until 3 a.m., it was a popular rendezvous with “night prowlers,” as The Advocate put it, and anathema to the neighbors. Among the night prowlers once — it is said — were Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Mary’s claims to fame were clamburgers and pepper steak, but the name of the joint suggested another specialty of the house — besides general uproar. Kim Oliver of Provincetown Florist, who owns the property, replaced the tumbledown shack with a Cape-style cottage in 2011.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).

Donna Patrick wrote on 22 November 2015: This was my Nana’s place. She was a loving, fun lady with a big heart! The best cook in Ptown. Known for her kale soup. Her family loves and misses her every day.

David Souza wrote on 31 August 2016: I am proud of my Nana’s place in Ptown history. I have years of great memories in “Mary’s Snackbar,” pulling “tonics” out off the big ice chest in the back and staying up late watching the action. Loved it and my Nana. Miss both very much. They are a big part of me!

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