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(April 2013.)

The competition is not exactly strenuous, but No. 20 is among the more architecturally ambitious of the Meadowview Heights crop, with its Queen Anne-style turret especially. It was constructed in 2006, with 3,058 square feet. Brian Morris of Hingham, Mass., has owned the property since 1988.

Steve Mullen wrote on 9 May 2012: This house, known in the neighborhood as “the pink house,” was built around 2005. It sat clad only in house wrap for its first 18 months. Finally, the pink vinyl siding was installed. The house is unoccupied, and unfortunately is falling victim to the weather and owner neglect. Siding flaps in the wind, and significant water damage occurred during the first 18 months. There appears to be some activity on the house lately — contractor lights can be seen in the evening, lighting up the interior of the house.

¶ Last updated on 27 June 2016.

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