2020 Commercial 062


The Red Inn in the West End and the Red House in the East End don’t have a monopoly on the color red, which helps this vernacular two-and-a-half story building from the 1880s stand out among understated neighbors. It was owned until 1955 by the Newcomb family: Edward Wilson Newcomb (1879-1953), a fisherman and employee of the Atlantic Coast Fisheries combine; his wife, Leona Warren (Cook) Newcomb (1883-1954); and her mother, Annie Y. (Snow) Cook (1855-1938) all called this place home.

The painter Julie Shelton Smith of Newport, R.I., purchased the property in 2013. Perhaps her best-known body of work — 11½-by-16-inch close-up oil portraits on panels — started out in 2008 as “100 Women Over 50,” but now numbers many more than that. Smith said she began the project “in reaction to the invisibility of post-menopausal women in a youth-obsessed culture.” Her Provincetown subjects have included Byllye Avery, Carla Bettano, Ellen Cozzi (who lives on the other side of Commercial Street), Sally Deane, Roslyn Garfield (who lived on the other side of Atwood Avenue), Laurie Glassman, Deborah Heller, Rosemary Hillard, Alexandra MacDonald, Ann Sanders, Louise Venden, and Barbara Wohlgemuth.

¶ Last updated on 3 July 2018.


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