2020 Commercial 072B


Since 1995, the old Nickerson compound on either side of Ericsson Avenue has been under the common ownership of Robert E. McCamant and John W. “Jack” Croucher. This lot, No. 72B, includes a sweet little three-quarter Cape. The property was owned for many years by the Rodgers family, who may have given their name to Rodgers Court, as Ericsson Avenue used to be called.

Capt. Neadom O. Rodgers (1875-1953), a native of Guysborough, Nova Scotia, who skippered Cormorant in the early 20th century and then worked for Atlantic Coast Fisheries, lived here for much of his life. His first wife was Adelaide A. “Addie” (Williams) Rodgers (1875-1918), whose death at 43 of bronchopneumonia was “deeply deplored by the people of Provincetown,” The Advocate said. His second wife, Lillian Udavilla (Stanley) Rodgers (1885-1979), was the widow of Neadom’s brother, William W. Rodgers (1878-1920). Neadom and Lillian were wed in 1923. She was active in the Centenary Methodist Church, welcoming the Girls’ Choir, the Choir Mothers, and the Willing Workers groups to this house. Lillian’s daughter Louise (1912-1934) shared this home with Neadon, who was both her uncle and step-father. She died at 22 of lung cancer.

¶ Last updated on 10 July 2018.



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