2020 Commercial 031-041 (35) Perspective Corrected


Masthead Resort and Cottages | Richards Cottage.

When John Joseph Ciluzzi spoke of the Masthead as being “authentic Cape Cod,” the Richards Cottage is what came to my mind: a marvelous jumble of Expressionist spaces, with nary a 90-degree angle to be found; a stairway balustrade made of fish netting; a dining nook into which a lacquered, Peter-Hunt-manqué-style table and benches have been shoehorned; and, of course, all manner of maritimabilia. In short, a delight. A guest named George E. Crump attested as much in Au Revoir, a poem written 19 July 1941 that’s still posted here: “We’ve been to many places in / our travels up and down. / But Cottage we shall miss / you most — and dear old Provincetown.”

For an overview of the Masthead Resort and Cottages, please see 31-41 Commercial Street.

¶ Last updated on 10 May 2018.

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