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Provincetown Inn (Recreation plaza).

From 1967 to 1997, a recreational and entertainment building, designed by Burnett V. Vickers of Orleans, stood on the north side of the 1950s landfill. This structure, supported on 82 piles driven through the sandy landfill, housed the pool, a shuffleboard court, bowling alley, Ping Pong and pool room, cocktail lounge, night club, and snack bar. It was at this time that passageways were added to link all the disparate units in the complex under cover. That allowed Peck to keep the Provincetown Inn open year-round. A spacious lawn, and the pool (once again outdoors), are all that remain.

For an overview of the Provincetown Inn, please see 1 Commercial Street.

¶ Last updated on 8 March 2018. ¶ Image courtesy of the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum, Salvador E. Vasques III Collection. (Published by Color by Mike Roberts.)



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