Center 27


Across 76 years, three generations of DeCostas and Cabrals made this their home. Joseph DeCosta purchased the property in 1911, six years before he died at sea. His widow, Amelia (Pacheco) DeCosta (1873-1949), who was born on São Miguel in the Azores, resided here the rest of her life. Their daughter Almeda DeCosta (1909-1979) married Lawrence E. Cabral (1905-1975). Ownership of the property passed to their son, Lawrence E. Cabral Jr. (1930-1990), who sold it in 1987. Almeda’s siblings, whose early lives also centered on 27 Central, were Antone DeCosta, John DeCosta, Joseph DeCosta Jr., Josephine (DeCosta) Ferreira, and Mary (DeCosta) Santos. Damron Accommodations listed the one-room Stationmaster’s Cottage at this address in its 2003 edition. The house has been owned since 2003 by Michael Gredler and his husband, Alan M. Olszewski.

¶ Last updated on 21 March 2018.

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