Cemetery 25 Whorf JamesJames Whorf (1815-1886) | Gifford.

James Whorf — the Whorf of Whorf’s Court (not the Whorf of Whorf’s Wharf) — was the son of Samuel Whorf, and the nephew of John Whorf II (1760-1825), and the first cousin of John Whorf III (1785-1854). With his wife, Phebe M. (Freeman) Whorf (1819-1898), the captain lived along the north side of Whorf’s Court at what is now 124 Commercial Street but was denominated No. 119 in their day. Their daughter Nettie married Andrew Kennedy, a furniture manufacturer and dealer. The Kennedys lived at 119 Commercial with the Whorfs. [Lot No. 123.]

¶ Last updated on 13 March 2018.

Find a Grave Memorials Nos. 120346708 (James) and 120346909 (Phebe).

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