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Thomas Nickerson (1791-1852) | Gifford.

The 1,000-foot-long Union Wharf, constructed in 1831 at what is now 99-101 Commercial Street, was one of the largest and most important wharves in town. A marine railway at the end drew vessels up to a building with a large notch in its gabled roof to accommodate bowsprits, so that the hull could be brought that much higher and closer. The Union was developed by Nickerson; his brother Capt. Jonathan Nickerson (1781-1871), and his cousin Capt. Stephen Nickerson (1793-1789); and Capt. Samuel Soper. The marine railway was added in 1852. An entire outfitting complex on this wharf included a blacksmith shop, a shed where pulley blocks were made, a sail loft, a rigging yard, and a mackerel-packing house. The ship chandlery there was called the West End Market. The wharf was wrecked in the Portland Gale of 1898, but Nickerson Street is only 80 yards away. [Lot No. 81.]

¶ Last updated on 28 August 2018.

Provincetown’s Historic Cemeteries and Memorials, Key G-11, Page 4.

Find a Grave Memorial 152203013.

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