Cemetery 25 Gaudin


Capt. James Gaudin (±1835-1884) and Malvina C. (Higgins) Gaudin (1837-1880) | Gifford.

In the 19th year of her marriage to Captain Gaudin, an Englishman, Malvina died at the age of 43. They are buried together under a monument topped by a draped urn. But the extent of his grief may be better measured by the lines inscribed on the monument from “A Dirge,” by Anna L. Lear (1873): “We clasp in her clay-cold fingers, / The whitest flower that blows! / We look with a gaze that lingers / On her in calm repose! / To think her not dead, but sleeping — / Not lost, but gone before; / And held in Thy tender keeping, / Safe on the golden shore.” Four years later, he joined her. [Lot No. 100.]

¶ Last updated on 23 January 2018.

Find a Grave Memorials Nos. 120391803 (James) and 120392188 (Malvina).

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