Cemetery 24 Young Capt Elisha Perspective Corrected


Capt. Elisha Young (1776-1848).

There are five generations of the Young family in the Town Cemetery that begin just before the dawn of the American Revolution, with Captain Young; run directly through the Civil War, and end in World War I, with Lewis A. Young (1895-1918). Captain Young was married first to Hannah Cook (1782-1836), then to Polly Young (1787-1856). His children included Elisha Young (1805-1873). The captain’s epitaph reads: “His hair was thin and white, and on his brow / A record of the cares of many a year; / & watch’d by eyes that loved him, calm & sage; / Ended his late declining years away; / Cheerful he gave his being up, and went / To share the holy rest that waits a life well spent.”

¶ Last updated on 21 November 2017.

Find a Grave Memorials Nos. 119651825 (Elisha), 119651954 (Hannah), and 119652095 (Polly).

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