Cemetery 24 Stubbs


Kenneth Stubbs (1907-1967).

There are few townscapes as joyfully expressive, geometric, and colorful as the works of Kenneth Stubbs, a native of Georgia who attended the Corcoran School of Art. Strongly influenced by Cubists like Juan Gris and Georges Braque, Stubbs came to Provincetown in 1931 to study with his friend E. Ambrose Webster, and was regarded as having been among the earlier proponents of Modernism in the staid art colony. Stubbs and Miriam Margolies were wed in 1948. Twelve years later, they bought the property at 284 Bradford Street from Mischa and Helen Richter. A photograph in Scrapbooks of Althea Boxell (Provincetown History Preservation Project, Page 1088) clearly shows a small sculpture atop the pedestal at Stubbs’s grave, almost looking like one of Clement Meadmore’s curlicues. It seems to have been long gone.

¶ Last updated on 28 October 2017.


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