Cemetery 24 Merrill.jpg


George A. Merrill (1859-1951).

The Merrill family ran the Gifford House for 60 years, from 1903 to 1963. Paterfamilias was George A. Merrill, a native of Maine, who came to Provincetown in his early 40s to take over the inn. In 1910, Merrill added the large, blocky Bradford Street wing that dominates the ensemble. “Immaculately comfortable lodgings, the best of food, pleasant surroundings, and quiet, were the principles of Mr. Merrill’s conduct of the Gifford House,” The Advocate said on his death at the age of 92. He and his wife, Amelia (Leland) Merrill (1859-1940), had two sons: Daniel C. Merrill (1891-1974), who succeeded his father in the management and ownership of the hotel, and Charles A. Merrill, a renowned correspondent and editor at The Boston Globe. In 1918, Daniel Merrill married Carrie M. Matheson (1893-1980), whose father had been president of the First National Bank. Merrill himself became president of the First National in 1959. Their daughter, Nancy O. Merrill (1920-2007), was also associated in the management of the Gifford House until she became the curator of glass at the Chrysler Museum.

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