Cemetery 24 Lewis Thomas.jpg


Capt. Thomas Lewis (1834-1909).

You don’t have to look too hard to find the metal monuments that were briefly popular around the turn of the century. Though they are meant to emulate masonry, they are an unearthly blue-gray in color. On closer inspection, too, they appear to be in pristine condition — every edge and detail as crisp as the day the monument was erected. That is, unless it’s been dented or unscrewed. For these monuments are actually made of zinc, sold to customers as “white bronze.” This monument, complete with a Masonic emblem, marks the grave not only of Captain Lewis but of his wife, Flora A. Lewis (1835-1904); and their tragically short-lived brood: Thomas J. Lewis (1858-1862); Carrie A. Lewis (1865-1867), and Nettie H. Lewis (1874-1874). “We will meet again,” the monument states hopefully.

¶ Last updated on 4 July 2017.


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