Carnes 11 Perpsective Corrected.jpg


Interesting how often the “genuine” Cape Cod houses around town are occupied by washashores, while the “inauthentic” Ranch-style homes are owned by the old families. This one was the property from 1962 until 1984 of Francis Howard Packett (1925-1996), one of the town’s last living weir fishermen, and his wife, Kathleen May (Nascimento) Packett (1930-2014). Packett was the son of Madeline “Minnie” (Souza) Packett and Manuel Packett. In the 1950s, Francis Packett fished aboard Bob-Bee, skippered by Manuel “Muggsy” Souza. The couple apparently constructed this house in 1967. They sold it in 1984 to Napoleon “Gene” Poyant, of 109 Bradford Street, for $89,000. The property has roughly doubled in value in each subsequent resale: $165,000 in 1997, to Paul Pinkman; and $350,000 in 2002, to Nicholas H. C. Ryan of Washington.

¶ Last updated on 5 May 2017. ¶ Image courtesy of the Town Assessor, Key 894.

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