Fleet Operational Readiness Accuracy Check Site (FORACS) No. 4.

Constructed in 1964-1965, the FORACS installation at Race Point was “considered vital to the Navy’s anti-submarine warfare training program,” The Advocate said on 19 August 1965. “The installation will consist of a small mobile shore station connected with underwater cables extending 1.8 miles seaward …. It will measure the accuracy of Navy ships’ sonar equipment … Each of the underwater cables will have a sound transmitter and receiver at its termination. If tests show the site to be practical, a small station will be constructed near Race Point Coast Guard Station and made permanent.” (Could this have been the cinderblock building that was torn down in recent years?) The site was in use at least until 1972, when the U.S.S. Waldron, a destroyer, underwent testing.

¶ Last updated on 22 April 2017. ¶ Image from the FORACS Data Bank Manual (1976).



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