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Adams Shack | Dune Shack 4.

Jake Loring and Dominic Avila, a carpenter, built this cottage as a Back Shore resort in 1935. It was acquired in 1953 by Marcia (Cargill) Adams and her husband, David, a professor at Western Michigan University who was also painted wildflowers. It’s been occupied by the family subject to a stipulation of settlement with the government. There are close bonds between the Adamses and the Champlins next door. Their cottages were known collectively as Professors Row. This shack was also used by Patricia and Francis Villemain, of the University of Toledo, who called it Saddle-Up. The Adams enclave includes a smaller shack, built in 1935 and moved in 1992, that has housed guests of the family.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).

Marissa wrote on 17 February 2015: As I recall, this house was referred to as Saddle-Up by the Villemains [one?] of whom found the house with the school bell before they hung the bell. They used Saddle-Up to live in while they emptied the deep sand from the larger house, cooking meals in cans in the fireplace. The larger house was being taken over by the dunes. After jacking it up to level the larger house and it became usable, Francis and Patricia Villemain enjoyed much time in the house and continued to when their friends, Marcia and David Adams, then bought Saddle-Up.

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