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When more than four decades elapse between transactions, it’s pretty easy to see the astonishing appreciation of property values in town. Francis S. Avila paid $3,000 for 9 Brown Street in 1964. Her executor sold it in 2007 to David Levangie for $518,000. To put that in perspective, had the price risen only due to inflation, it would have been about $20,000.

¶ Last updated on 16 January 2017.


One thought on “9 Brown Street

  1. I want to compliment the owners of this property. They have taken great efforts to conserve the house. A few years ago, when they were doing work on the house, one of them told me they needed to hunt for shingles that were like the original. We don’t often extend the idea of “historic preservation” to split-level houses from the 50s/60s, but we should acknowledge these heroes as well.


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