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Dubois Studios | Lovell Studios.

If you think the chimney looks odd, walk around to the far side, where three discrete, north-facing studio bays erupt out of the gambrel roof. This remarkable structure, which has housed several generations of artists, is known to old-timers as the Dubois Studios. The building was also called the Lovell Studios. Built around 1920, according to the Provincetown Historic Survey, it was purchased in 1948 by the artist Kenneth Campbell and his wife, Mary. Here, Campbell and Giglio Dante conducted the Studio Five School of Creative Painting and Modern Dance, beginning in 1949. The artist Harry Engle bought the property in 1958 and owned it for 10 years. Among its creative tenants over time have been Jim Forsberg and Joan Wye; Peter Macara, whose work includes a 48-foot mural of Provincetown at Lands End Marine Supply; and the writer and artist Susan Baker, whose delightful books include The History of Provincetown and Provincetown Dogs.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).


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