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Moy compound | Studio.

The early years of Seong Moy’s career and his life in Provincetown are described in the entry on the house at 7 Brewster Street that he bought with his wife, Sui Yung Moy, in 1955. This plainly handsome studio was constructed in 1957 and finished the next year. By 1971, Moy believed Provincetown was losing its attraction as an art colony. “Things have changed,” he told Paul Cummings in an interview for the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art. “A sort of commercialized kind of resort thing is coming into the town. It’s more difficult to live and to work there.” He closed his school in 1974 but “maintained a dynamic, active painting, printmaking, and teaching schedule until the late 1980s,” Adrienne Moy wrote in a short biography of her father, finally stepping down as a professor of art at the City College of New York in 1989. He died in 2013. The family still owns the property.

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