Though not technically on the same tax lot as the principal Malicoat family compound, the home of Conrad Malicoat (1936-2014) and Anne Lord Malicoat is in every way an extension of it. Not long after the birth of their first daughter, Robena, the Malicoats settled in Provincetown. “The ensuing years saw the arrival of two more daughters, Galen and Bronwyn, and the construction of a house, which Malicoat built almost single-handedly,” Kaimi Rose Lum wrote in Conrad’s 2014 obituary in The Banner. “In addition to his other skills, he excelled at plumbing, carpentry, welding, masonry, and electrical work.” And — as the owners of Napi’s, the Red Inn, 36 Commercial Street, 64 Commercial, 621 Commercial, 641 Commercial, 649 Commercial, 38 Nelson Avenue, and 8 Pearl Street can tell you — he could build chimneys and fireplaces without equal. A fuller description of the compound’s history can be found in the entry for the earlier residence at 312-320 Bradford Street.

¶ Last updated on 14 December 2016. ¶ Image by and courtesy of Robena Malicoat.


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