Bradford 350


The Residences at 350 Bradford.

Any large housing project in Provincetown is bound to stir contention, and Christopher Wise’s proposal for the former Michael Shay’s site has been no exception. In the face of strong neighborhood opposition, Wise withdrew his first plan, for a 24-unit project, in the fall of 2015. He returned with a proposal for 13 individual dwelling units within seven buildings, around a loop driveway. The cluster of eight units within the loop have curbside parking. The five units against the hillside have garages at their lower level. Units 9 and 10, in the northwest corner of the site (pictured here), proved to be perhaps the most contentious in the development. In the fall of 2017, a surveyor hired by the town said he had determined that this building was about four feet higher than the town’s 23-foot height limit for flat-roofed buildings, according to an account in The Cape Cod Times. But only three weeks later, he retracted that statement. By November 2017, the developer’s website stated, only one of the 13 units was still available for purchase, a one-bedroom, 849-square-foot dwelling with one parking spot, for $669,000.

¶ Last updated on 17 November 2017.


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