Bradford 292 Building 4.jpg


HideAway Hill | Gallery (No. 292).

The artists Suzanne Sinaiko (1918-1998) and Avrom “Arlie” Sinaiko (1902-1984) acquired a “great lot” from the estate of Joseph Sears in 1959, running from Commercial Street all the way to the Old Colony Railroad right-of-way. It comfortably holds a compound called HideAway Hill, on either side of Bradford Street. The front building, on the north side of the road, once housed Shore Galleries, descended from Donald Witherstine’s Shore Studio Gallery through his grandson, the photographer Fred Hemley. He, Sinaiko, and Muffin Ray opened the gallery in 2006, devoting it to local artists. It’s now closed as a gallery, but remains open as one of the HideAway Hill rentals managed by Jonathan Sinaiko.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).


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