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Provincetown Theater.

The 130-to-145-seat Provincetown Theater opened in 2004 in what had been the Provincetown Mechanics and Cape End Motors garage, under a complete renovation by Brown Lindquist Fenuccio & Raber. It is maintained and managed by the Provincetown Theater Foundation, founded in 2000 to sustain, encourage, and promote performing arts. Board members include Margaret Van Sant, of CTEK Arts, and Jane Macdonald. Initial support included a grant from the David Adam Schoolman Trust, named for the proprietor of Lands End Inn, 22 Commercial Street, who died in 1995. Open year-round, the theater offers its own productions, presents movies, operates as a workshop, is rented by companies like CTEK and the Gold Dust Orphans, and is a venue for the International Film Festival and Tennessee Williams Festival. It was developed by the foundation as a home for the Provincetown Theatre Company (founded 1963) and the Provincetown Repertory Theatre (founded 1995). The early years saw successes, clashes, mergers, schisms, departures, and deficits. But the 2010 season dawned with a well-received revival of Our Town, directed by David Drake. The Stage Manager was played by Beau Jackett, whose father was in the cast of the previous Our Town revival — 40 years earlier.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).

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