Bradford 248.jpg


Among the foreground figures in Charles W. Hawthorne’s Crew of the Philomena Manta stands a small bearded fisherman with a big jug under his arm. The model for that figure seems to have been John J. Alexander Jr., who once lived in this house, which was built around 1830. His grandson Philip Alexander also lived here and was renowned, as Esta Maril said, for “the beauty and the bounty of his flowers and vegetable garden.” As a leader of the Highland Fish and Game Club, Phil Alexander favored ecologically sensitive land management — marshland preservation, for example — many years ahead of the popular environmental movement. His sister, Mary Campbell, ran the Little Chowder Bowl restaurant at 252 Bradford. More recently, the property was owned by James R. Bakker, who was then the executive director of the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum.

¶ Last updated on 11 January 2010.


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