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Snug Cottage.

Snug is the word for this 1825 house, now an eight-room inn. In the 1960s, A. Philip Tarvers Jr. had his real estate business here. By the mid-’70s, it was the Bradford Gardens Inn, among the earliest women-owned guest houses. It was purchased in 2000 by James Mack, who renamed it Snug Cottage. As a Unitarian Universalist chaplain, Mack is empowered to officiate at weddings, an amenity not many guest houses could offer. He’s married to Jon Arterton, founder and arranger of the Flirtations, a gay a cappella group, and founder and director of the Outer Cape Chorale. The couple sold Snug Cottage in 2010 to William Wilkins and Brian Wilkins.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).

Sylvia T. Weston wrote on 9 August 2018: Mr. Dunlap, I think you should be given some award for the wonderful job you have done putting Building Provincetown together. It is a blessing for us born and raised in Provincetown. I grew up on Law Street for the first five years and then our family moved to 178 Bradford Street. Wonderful house to have grown up with three other siblings. I’m the last at age 79. I thank you. [The writer now lives in Lake Wylie, S. C.]

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