Bradford 184.jpg


Aerie House & Beach Club | 184 Bradford Street Condominium.

The “aerie” in the Aerie House & Beach Club is here on a small bluff above Bradford Street in a house built in the mid- to late 19th century. (The “beach” part is a waterfront annex at 425 Commercial.) This was formerly known as the Normandy House. The current innkeepers, Steve Tait and Dave Cook, acquired the property in 2000. The premier accommodation among the seven rooms is a 600-square-foot suite at the top of the house, called the Eagle’s Nest.

¶ Last updated 13 May 2011.

Leonard Paoletti wrote on 24 February 2014:  In the early ’70s, this house was owned by Robert “Bob” Charon and his mother. Claiming a French Normandy heritage, Bob so named the house. Many of the interior walls were cracking, so he slathered them with plaster/stucco and added dark wood strips to give them impression of an old Normandy house. Subsequent owners removed all this.

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