Bradford 162.jpg


Bradford Center Condominium.

Jeffrey A. Baron and Christopher S. Robinson own the foremost unit in this five-unit condominium. Baron told me in 2014 that he and his husband understood that the projecting structure originally served as a storefront grafted on to the older house. That would make sense, given the commercial character of this part of Bradford. The condo was created in 1988 by Lynda B. Brown, Donna M. Fayad, and Lisa G. Chapnick.

¶ Last updated 30 August 2016.

One thought on “162 Bradford Street

  1. This building was owned for many years by Frank and Cecelia Cordeiro Frost. Cecelia is one Capt. Louis Cordeiro’s six sisters. As you know he lived just around the corner on Brewster St.


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