Bradford 118.jpg

(October 2012.)

Former Clarendon House.

Local tradition typically grants to 119 Bradford the distinction of having served as the original King Hiram’s Lodge. But this nobly proportioned, Federal-style house may also be a candidate. An 1836 map shows a Methodist church — not a Masonic lodge — where No. 119 stands now. And an 1890 guide book states that the old lodge passed to the heirs of Thomas Atkins, as this building had. In 1939, Eloise Browne bought the property and opened the Eloise Browne House. John Kelly gave it the name Clarendon House in the 1980s, after a street in Boston. Sidney Royal III succeeded him. Dale Chin and James Furlong bought the place in 2002, spruced it up considerably, and maintained it as a seven-room guest house until 2013. — From Building Provincetown (2015).


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