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(April 2011.)

Cape Tip Condominium.

Like a sawtooth pattern on the skyline, the angular rooftop bulkheads of the 21-unit Cape Tip Condominium in Meadowview Heights are recognizable from around town. The condo was created in 1986 by Daryl A. Doyle and Michael Garfield, and the buildings were constructed the next year. The development at No. 100 consists of two buildings: one with seven attached homes, the other with five. The abutting parcel at No. 102 has a single building, more than 160 feet long, with nine attached homes. Residents include the male figurative artist Robert Adamcik (b 1948), who is represented in town by the Lyman-Eyer Gallery.

¶ Last updated on 26 June 2016.


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