Atlantic 01 New

(April 2011)

The Provincetown Historic Survey says the original house was built around 1860, but the half windows that used to be tucked under the eaves suggest a greater age. The house was purchased 2003 by James E. Reardon and Arthur M. Hagopian Jr. It was offered for sale in the spring of 2012 for $1.188 million and sold in June for $1.065 million to Daniel P. McCurdy, Robert J. Anderson and John M. Huffman. The assessor changed the street number in 2012 from No. 3 to No. 1.

¶ Last updated 8 November 2013.

Irma Ruckstuhl wrote on 1 March 2013: In 1967 Janet (Owen) and William “Bill” Roberts bought this house from Roz Garfield and Hazel Myer for about $13,000. The Robertses’ connection to Provincetown was through the Provincetown Playhouse; Bill was a stage designer and Janet was a theatrical agent with the William Morris Agency in New York. Among her clients was the Italian stage designer Franco Zeffirelli.

Bill died at 54 in 1981 of cirrhosis of the liver. About this time, I got to know Janet and shared many delightful dinners around her table in the small kitchen. A frequent guest and sometime resident in her house was John LePeer, son of Virginia Thoms, one of the co-owners of the Provincetown Playhouse. Later, John took care of Janet when she became ill. After her death at 68 in 1995 of lung cancer, he was co-executor of her estate with Janet’s sister Robin Watt, a Maine resident.

John bought the house from the estate in 1998 for $180,000, did quite a bit of work on the property and sold it to [James] Reardon and [Arthur] Hagopian in 2003 for $600,000. John lives most of the time in California, but has returned during recent summers to work as a waiter at Fanizzi’s.

Shannon Sawyer wrote on 11 November 2013: It was told to me that this house, along with the one across the street (152 Commercial), was purchased by a ship’s captain. The houses were intended for each of his two daughters. Do you have have any info on this?

James Reardon wrote on 22 October 2014: You may explore the idea of this and the house across the street as being built for two sisters by their father, the original owner, of the home that was formerly the Martin House. Across the town landing from the Boatslip. The latter being recently profiled in the New York Times Home section. What was known as 3 Atlantic Avenue is a treasure of a house and a fine home. Sadly there are few like it left.

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