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Herring Cove Village Condominium.

The Herring Cove Tennis Club, with five red-clay courts, was built in 1947 by Hawthorne Bissell and known for many years as Bissell’s Tennis Courts or the Cast Anchor Tennis Courts. This being Provincetown, the courts were also used in the late 1950s for John Kelly’s classes in Russian ballet. The four-acre property was acquired in 2006 by the developers Jim Watkins and Dave Krohn. In 2008, they began opening units of the Herring Cove Village condominium complex. The houses, by McMahon Architects, are punctuated by ersatz widow’s-walk cupolas. The landscape design is by David Berarducci, who owns one of the sheds on what used to be Furtado’s Wharf, at 99-101 Commercial Street. With the completion of the second phase in 2014, only two courts remain. The tennis building is gone.

¶ Last updated on 31 August 2018.

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