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Give Evelyn credit for pluck. In 1947, she opened Evelyn’s Corset Hospital at this address, advertising herself as an “expert Corsetiere for 25 years with a famous New York Corset Concern.” The hospital’s services included the washing, repairing, replacing, and refitting of corsets, girdles, corselettes, and brassieres — and the furnishing of free advice. A year later, Evelyn’s was given over to fishing rods and surfcasting equipment. A few months later, Evelyn’s became a restaurant, featuring home-baked pastries. Upstairs was a multiple-unit dwelling known the late 1910s as Smith House and in the early 1960s as Gem Apartments. Philip and Barbara Malicoat were living here in 1934, when their daughter Martha was born. The property has been owned since 1964 by Adam J. Wolf and his family.

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