Bradford 235-237 (2).jpg


Courtyard Condominium.

The five-unit condo, created in 1993 by Susan J. Holbrook, follows much the same layout as the old Connell’s Garage, also at 235-237 Bradford Street, suggesting that some of its buildings may have been reused in this residential complex. The “courtyard” itself almost perfectly describes the gas pumping station and garage apron of Connell’s. The building pictured is on the site of the auto stalls.

¶ Last updated on 13 November 2016. ¶ Image courtesy of the Town Assessor, Key 3297.

Jack Connell wrote on 9 March 2011: This was my father’s garage, Connell’s Garage, from the early ’20s to the early ’40s. I have pictures.

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