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Former Provincetown Vocational School.

It’s one of the largest buildings in town and — arguably — one of the ugliest. But No. 241 had a small role at a critical moment of national history. This warehouse was constructed as part of the Naval Mine Test Facilities, commissioned in 1942, which became a busy military post during World War II. The land had belonged to the Connell family. “The Navy took it with the promise of paying for it,” Jack Connell said in 2014. “We are still waiting.” In 1948, the town acquired a long-term lease from the United States for $1 and rehabilitated the structure as the Provincetown Vocational School. The “voke” program was conducted here for 15 years before moving to the high school. Arnold Dwyer, of Arnold’s Radio and Cycle Shop, purchased the building for storage.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).

Jack Connell wrote on 9 March 2011: This was my father’s land which was taken from him by the Navy. All he got was promises about payment, but never received a cent. He operated Connell’s Garage at 235-237 Bradford.

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