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Binwood Condominium.

No one calls lower Bradford Street “Cape Row,” but they could. It’s home to a remarkably cohesive ensemble of Cape houses, at Nos. 228, 230, 252, 258 and 260. The ruddy house at No. 242, a venerable full Cape, was built about 210 years ago. In the late ’60s, Benito Norcisa and his wife, Pamela, moved their Penny Farthing restaurant here, from 237 Bradford. For a time, their tenants included a number of John Waters stars: Glenn Milstead — the luminous and profane Divine; Channing Wilroy; and Cookie Mueller. Milstead even operated a shop here, called Divine Trash. Wilroy recalled that Divine sold old clothes, china, bric-a-brac, and stuff from the Truro dump until he got caught for operating without a permit and hauled into Town Hall. At that point, Mink Stole came to his defense: “We need stores like this in town for people like me.” Cynthia Binder and Cheryl Lockwood turned it into a three-unit condo in 1985, the name Binwood being a conflation of theirs. Darren Showers said in November 2009: “I lived in the bottom apartment from 2006 to 2009. It’s a very charming house. I was told by the owner, Cindy Binder, that it is one of the oldest homes in Provincetown. I put the flag up on the fence: the Tibetan flag to show support on freeing Tibet. Also, Ryan Landry used to rent here.” Landry is a playwright and entertainer, and the Showgirls impresario.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).

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