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The Acorn (No. 264A).

This tiny cottage takes its name from the fact that it stands opposite the mighty Oaks. It was constructed in 1950, according to town records, and is 264 square feet.

¶ Last updated on 23 November 2016.

Polly Burnell wrote on 23 June 2014: The little cottage in the back, called ‘The Acorn,’ used to be the kitchen of the Mount Pleasant.  Arnold Dwyer was the first to tell me, and afterwards I heard the same from many old timers.  I’m not sure when it was moved and made into a cottage.



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  1. My family rented the Oaks every summer from about 1965 through 1972 from Arnold Dwyer, who had a hardware store in town. As far as I remember, the Acorn sat next to it the whole time. For a while, it was rented by Provincetown-Boston Airline. A pilot named Howard lived there. One day he agreed to babysit me so my parents could go to the beach alone. He took me up in the yellow [Stinson Detroiter] plane that was used for sightseeing, and we checked all the beaches until we found my parents and buzzed them.

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